How it works?

Our modern way of living in our homes has disturbed the natural ecological balance creating imbalance where growth of molds, bad bacteria and allergens are fostered on the expense of beneficial microflora. So bad bacteria live all around us on surfaces such as tables, floors, carpets, beds, and objects such as furniture, tools and devices. In order to restore balance, we encourage growth of beneficial environmental probiotics by controlled dispersal into our indoors. The consequence is; reduction of health problems such as asthma attacks, allergic reactions, coughing, scratchy throat, irritation and more.

Dispersal of 100% natural, organic environmental probiotics that help reduce : 

  • Organic odors  
  • Dust mite allergens
  • Pet dander and odors
  • Toxic Mold spores
  • Transmission of infectious diseases.

The power of Enviro-Biotics agianst mold

Live Comfortably, Breathe Freely

Take back your home and the air you breathe. Get relief from allergies that once held you hostage. Return your home to a balanced ecosystem where your body can live and thrive, as it nature designed it.

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