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Biotica 800 kit

$ 299

The Biotica800 is designed as a central automated misting Enviro-Biotics® device at your home and office. 

Biotica 800 Refill cartridge

$ 50

Biotica800 refill cartridges - 2 pack

$ 98

Biodify Refill cartridge

$ 50

BA Sprays

An easy way to balance your immediate surrounding while on the go. The Enviro-Biotics® spray comes in different sizes to suit your traveling needs. Spray your area in planes, trains, automobiles, hotel rooms and other indoor spaces.

BA spray-150 ML

$ 25

BA spray-200 ML

$ 33

BA travel spray-75 ML

$ 14.90


The BioLogic is a portable, easy to carry around, rechargeable device suitable for spaces such as bedrooms, personal offices and automobiles.

The new BioLogic

$ 149

Available for delivery within 60 days

New BioLogic Refill

$ 28

Available for delivery within 60 days


BioLogic Refill

$ 35

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