BioLogic™ Probiotic Room Purifier by betterair


360° Protection for Your Space: This product creates a healthier living or working environment with a protective layer of micro-flora that purifies every corner of your space, including hidden and hard-to-reach areas, ensuring comprehensive cleanliness for surfaces, objects, and air.


Effortless 24/7 Cleanliness Enjoy a consistently clean and fresh environment in rooms, offices, and medium-sized common areas up to 500 sf (50 square meters) with automated, round-the-clock deep cleansing.

Convenient Control: Stay informed and in control with the smartphone app, which allows you to review the status and operations. Embedded sensors intelligently regulate the dispersion rate for optimal results.

Space-Saving and Energy-Efficient: The compact design seamlessly integrates into your space, and ultra-low energy consumption means you only need to charge the device every 3 weeks, ensuring uninterrupted cleanliness.

Hassle-Free Upkeep:  Save time and effort with a low-maintenance solution that only requires a quick Enviro-Biotics® refill every 90 days, letting you focus on what matters most.

Peace of Mind Breathe easy knowing that the 100% natural, organic ingredients (no GMO) are certified safe for humans, pets, and the environment by relevant agencies in the USA, Australia, South America, EU, and other regions.


Height:19 cm (7.48 Inch)

Diameter: 7 cm (2.75 Inch)

Weight: 400 gr ( 14.1 oz) when with a full refill

Input5V DC via USB – C Type  ( 5v charger not provided)

Battery Capacity:2000 mAh

Input: C Type USB ( 5v charger not provided)

Reffile Size: 75 ml ( 2.54 Fl oz)

Included in the kit:

BioLogic device

A refill that lasts app. 90 day

USB C-type charging cable

Wall mount brackets.


Where and how should the device be positioned in the room

It is recommended to place a device in the center of the home or any other large space of up to 500 sf (50 SM). It is also recommended to place a device in the bedrooms where dust Mites can be found in abundance since they feed on the microscopic skin particles we shed during our resting time.

The device may be placed on a shelf or flat surface. You may use the mounting kit to hang on any wall.  Ensure the device is at least 4 ft above the floor to allow for effective dispersion.

The device is idle, and no activity is visible.

The BioLogic operations are cost-effective and silent; it quietly disperses only once an hour and for a few seconds; therefore, it is only easy if one sits and stares at the device for an hour to witness dispersing. You may force a dispersion by momentarily pressing the operations button at the bottom of the device or through the smartphone app loaded from Google or Apple store. Upon activation, a visible dispersion is generated while the LED changes from Blue (standby) to Green (Dispersion in progress)

The device does not disperse when forced dispersion is activated. 

If the device does not react via the button or smartphone app:

a)) Make sure the device is charged. When the LED turns Yellow, it is time.

for a charge

  1. b) make sure there is liquid in the refill bottle
  2. c) Clean the electric contacts that are attached to the base and the cap (refill holder) with the alcohol pad provided with the refill (or with other cleaning material, but make sure the contacts are dry well after cleaning)

A charger seems to be missing.

The BioLogic kit does NOT contain a charger. Use a certified smartphone charger with the cable provided in the kit.

Should I turn off the device when traveling to save on its liquid?

No.  The device should operate continuously, providing a protected, safe, and clean indoor space. Pathogens are not resting while you are away. Also, once the refill seal is broken, it can’t be kept for more than 150 days, and its efficacy may be compromised if not fresh. Opened refills should be replaced after a maximum of 150 days, even if not empty.

How long does the BioLogic operate until refill replenishment is required?

The BioLogic kit contains one refill of 75 ML of Enviro-Biotics that lasts for

app 90 days (Variances of up to 15% may be expected due to conditions of temperature,

humidify and elevation)

Subscribe, and you should receive a refill automatically every three months.

And we shall complement if an additional refill is required to cover expedited consumption.

What do I do with the empty refill?

Dispose with other plastic waste when possible; We use recyclable materials and, to the degree possible, auto-degradable.


Additional Q&A of Enviro-Biotics technology, science, and its impact

Enviro-Biotics© significantly reduces:

Bad odors

Asthma triggers

Toxic Mold spores

Allergic reactions & irritations

Dust mite allergens

Bad odors

Asthma triggers

Toxic Mold spores

Allergic reactions & irritations

Pet dander and odors

Coughing & scratchy throat

runny nose

Red eyes

Transmission of infectious diseases

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Dust mite allergens

Pet dander and odors

Coughing & scratchy throat

runny nose

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