BA-1800 Refill 1000 ml

Robustly built in a metal enclosed chassis for deployment in machine rooms, the BA-1800 is the industrial line’s largest device.
The BA-1800 is an automated, programmable device that utilizes sensors-based algorithm to ensure an optimal distribution of Enviro-Biotics® via HVACs.

Our patented design provides an in-depth microbial bio-cleansing highly contaminated HVAC ducts, transforming HVACs from being the main contributor of Building Related Illness (BRI) to an effective method of spreading Enviro-Biotics® that purifies entire facilities.

The BA-1800 installation is easy and quick, providing ideal coverage for large facilities.  The BA-1800 should cover an area of up to up to 2,500 sqm ( 25,000 sqf.).