Our Mission

Betterair is a corporation based in the US with research and production facilities located in Israel and South Korea. Betterair primary focus has been the research, validation and certification of biological deep cleansing technologies that remove pathogens and allergens. This approach involves dispersing beneficial micro-organisms that achieve dominance over harmful pathogenic elements. This is the exact manner that nature maintains a healthy environment when left untouched by humans. Our efforts and consequent success has been the emulation of nature’s methods and reinstate ecological equilibrium into our contemporary urban lifestyle. As our advancements become practical, we’ve discovered numerous advantages that surpass our initial expectations.
Here are a few examples:

We can improve our health and well-being by keeping indoor spaces free of allergens and pathogens. We have recently confirmed that our platform can significantly reduce food waste during transportation from farms to kitchens. During this journey, about one-third of food is lost due to mold and bacteria. We have also reduced the need for chemical treatments by using our biological treatment. By reducing food waste, we can directly fight deforestation and reduce the use of chemical pesticides that harm the environment.

The story of betterair

From vision
to reality

protecting the planet and the future of our children

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