Fur Alert!
Handling Pet Allergies in Your Home

As much as we love our furry friends, Mr. Fluffy and Princess Paws tend to shed…everywhere! And while a sprinkle of cat hair on your clothes can be harmless for people with pet allergies, it’s no joking matter. Those pesky allergens can trigger reactions even if they aren’t cuddling up on your lap.

But have no fear—with a few easy tips, you can manage Fido and Felix’s leftover fur and dander so your home stays a safe haven!

Know Your Enemy

Pet allergens like Fel d 1 (from cats) and Can f 1 (from dogs) are crafty little things. They cling to fabric, carpet, and even your hairdo with ease! And once airborne, they float around and settle onto every surface. Before you know it, Fluffy’s fur is chilling on your kitchen countertop!

So be vigilant about spots where allergens accumulate, like upholstery, curtains, beds, and yes…your trousers. Furry Houdini’s can hide there for months if you don’t clean properly!

Contain the Shedding

Limit where your pet can wander to reduce the dispersal. Keep them out of bedrooms and off furniture. Use wood, leather, or vinyl surfaces that are easy to clean. Tile, wood, and linoleum flooring are better than carpet, too. Wash pet bedding weekly to eliminate excess fur and dander buildup.

When dusting, use electrostatic dusters and microfiber cloths to trap allergens instead of spreading them around. And skip feather dusters—they scatter allergens into the air!

Clean Like a Boss!

Consider using The BioLogic Mini ™ Probiotic Room Purifier For Pets to work for you. It offers chemical-free, pet-safe purification using natural probiotics to target not just the air but also surfaces and objects—beds, sofas, pillows—where pets spend their time. This ensures a healthier environment free from harmful bacteria and dander. It also effectively neutralizes pet odors naturally, keeps your home fresh without chemicals, and operates silently for a peaceful environment.

Traditional purifiers often miss critical areas like surfaces and objects where pet dander and harmful bacteria thrive. The BioLogic Mini™ addresses this gap head-on. It relieves everyone by reducing allergens affecting your pets and promoting a healthier lifestyle for the whole household. It also proactively purifies places your pets frequently to ensure every touched surface stays clean and safe.

With the BioLogic Mini™, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re providing a safe and clean space for your pets without the risks of chemical-based purifiers.

More Tips

To eliminate allergens, launder pet blankets and throws and do your laundry weekly in hot water. For items that can’t be washed, put them in the dryer or hang them outside to air out. This helps remove allergens over time.

Serious Illness or Injury of a Pet: Witnessing a beloved pet suffer from a severe illness or injury can be extremely distressing for pet owners. Seeing their pet in pain and feeling helpless to alleviate their suffering can cause significant emotional anguish. Additionally, the financial strain of veterinary bills and the uncertainty of the pet’s prognosis can compound the stress and anxiety experienced by pet owners.