BA-1200 and BA-1800 Pro

Centralized devices for HVAC systems

The BA Series

Effective treatment & dispersion
via HVAC airducts

Devices that both deep cleanse the HVAC systems and use centralized HVACs for efficient dispersion of probiotics across entire large interiors, eliminating the need for multiple stand-alone room units.

Cost efficient

Sensor based, programmable operation ensures an accurate, adjustable dispersion. The cleaned HVAC systems operate more efficiently, reducing energy costs; additional savings generated by reducing the need for chemical-based cleaning. The BA Pro offers both amazing health benefits and a great return on your investment.

Easy-to-operate and maintain

The devices are compatible with any pre-existing configuration, HVAC manufacturer or type of facility. The system can be monitored and managed remotely if an internet connection is available. Average installation time is only 20 minutes, while maintenance and probiotic refills take a couple of minutes.

Remote management system

Graphical, intuitive management app provides easy monitoring and control of an unlimited number of devices.

bioLogic Pro Technical data

Information that good to know

BA 1200 PRO

BA 1800 PRO

Betterair portable fogger Model : BAPF -18

Micron Sized Particle Dispersant .

The only portable, rechargeable fogger that disperses micron sized particles for fast, deep, and efficient treatment the overall contaminated area

Rechargeable Battery

Dual rechargeable batteries that last more than 90 minutes, providing for complete convenient, and quiet coverage

Effective Dispersion

Micron sized particles ensure an effective dispersion leaving no residual moisture that causes corrosion or watermarks.

Multi-Level Dispersion Control

Multi-level dispersion selection for optimizing dispersion for any indoor environment.