A study at Dr Azaria clinic of reconstruction surgeries

Medical facilities have become a health hazard due to an abundance of life threatening pathogens, where some developed resistance to antibiotics. betterair disables these pathogens, increasing the protection of facilities’ customers and its staff 

November 2019 

D.R. plastic and reconstructive clinic: case study – betterair Enviro-Biotics® effectivity trial Introduction: 

In the past years, there has been an increased awareness to the fact that indoor environments are  contaminated with a verity of pathogens (bacteria and mold) that originated from multiple sources,  such as HVAC systems’ airducts and due to a significant turnover of people in medical clinics. Even  though these clinics are cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis as part of the strict maintenance  routine, the chemical detergents and their active ingredients do not reach all contaminated surfaces  and objects (such as air ducts and grills, under the tables or certain unreachable areas). Moreover, the  chemicals applied that are destined to clean and get rid of the microorganisms, unnecessarily succeed in doing so, as the bacteria could develop resistance and even become more aggressive.  

Even though pathogens exist in our indoors generally and are part of a widely spread phenomenon  called Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) or Building Related Illness (BRI), in spaces where clinical  procedures are being performed on humans, the exposure to infections is at higher risks and can cause  serious complications. 

betterair has invested massive research and development and came up with a patented line of  products for various applications, by using natural and safe environmental probiotics (Enviro Biotics®), that simply substitute the population of pathogenic microorganisms with Enviro-Biotics®. Consequently, the microbial environment balance is restored. 

betterair was requested by Ron Azaria (MD) (D.R. clinic) to perform an efficacy trial in order to  implement a balanced microbial environment for the patients as well as for the staff. The trial and its  results are described below. 

Scope of the trial:  

The purpose was to test the influence of betterair Enviro-Biotics® on the composition of bacteria and molds found on surfaces at various locations in the clinic by characterization of the microbial  population before and after implementation of the Enviro-Biotics® treatment by betterair


D.R. plastic and reconstructive clinic area is 280 sqm. 

On October 4th (the first day of the trial), a dedicated betterair device was installed in the central air  conditioning system. 

The duration of the trial was 36 days, commencing October 4th 2019. During the trial period samples  were taken at the 1st day, 17th day and 36th day of the trial. 

The trial and sampling environment remained constant during the trial days. The trial was performed by a certified microbial investigator.  

Samples were taken from 6 different spots in the clinic in duplicate: 

Air ducts , Light object tray , The Doctor’s office lighting fixture , Corridor Sofa bench , Reception counter, Consultant’s office 

The samples were taken by designated environmental sampling swabs that were sent to an external  certified microbial consulting laboratory (Hayes Microbial Consulting, LLC. Virginia, USA) for fungal and  Bacterial identification and quantification. (Originals reports will be provided upon request). 


Figure 1: Average percentage from total CFU (colony forming unit) of each type of tested microorganism in  environmental samplings at 3 different time points. 

As per figure 1, there has been a dramatic reduction of pathogens concentration in the tested area: 

1. The pathogenic bacteria decreased by over 98% already on the initial sample on day 17  and maintained same levels during the remaining period of the trial. 

2. The pathogenic fungi have decreased by 58% by day 17 and over 98% during the  remaining period of the trial. 

As for the Enviro-Biotics® by betterair, it has taken over almost completely and became present in All sampled areas even the most challenging locations that were hard to reach by conventional chemicals. 


Enviro-Biotics® by betterair have proved its effective presence by creating a sustainable dramatic  reduction of pathogens (bacteria and mold) in a relatively short period of time, resulting in a complete  restoration of the environmental microbial balance.