The BioLogic Pro
Air-surface-object Probiotic Purifier

The professional line of products disperses our patented formula via any existing HVAC and central ventilation systems.
That design allows for cleaning the air ducts, which are a known source of building-related illnesses, and using the HVAC as the vehicle that carries the Enviro-Biotics to every corner and spot,  including those out of reach.  

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Quick start guide

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Quick start guide

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How to set up your BioLogic

The benefits of BioLogic Pro


Programmable & Modular Design

Enjoy full coverage of any size of facilities with a modular design allowing easy installation and maintenance.


Sensors based

Provides efficient coverage, where Enviro-Biotics dispersion is adjusted for various conditions such as air duct pressure & humidity.


Centrally managed and monitored

Data collected and transmitted via Wi-Fi provides for remote setup, monitoring, alerts, and fraud protection.


Energy saving

devices save significantly more than they consume, as a result of an increased efficiency of cleaner HVAC systems;

Significant reduction of

Bad odors

Asthma attacks

Toxic Mold spores

Dust mite allergens

Pet dander and odors

Coughing & scratchy throat

Allergic reactions & irritation

Transmission of infectious diseases

Enviro-Biotics has been endorsed and registered worldwide
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