The BioLogic mini
Air-surface-object Probiotic Purifier

The BioLogic mini disperses our  Enviro-Biotics® patented formula contained in each refill; The mini has been approved and certified globally by international environmental health organizations for its safety and efficacy for humans, animals, and the environment.

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How to set up your BioLogic

The benefits of BioLogic mini


Device that suits every indoors

Protect and clean rooms, offices, vehicles, and the one to be carried everywhere



Used as a powerful fogger for immediate impact and as an automated device for areas up to 30 square meters (300 sf).



Compact, elegant, portable, and ultra-low energy consumption

Significant reduction of

Bad odors

Asthma attacks

Toxic Mold spores

Dust mite allergens

Pet dander and odors

Coughing & scratchy throat

Allergic reactions & irritation

Transmission of infectious diseases

Enviro-Biotics has been endorsed and registered worldwide

BioLogic mini technical data

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