Personal Space Solution

(up to 800 sq.ft)

The Biodify® is an automated system designed to aerially distribute Enviro-Biotics™, engineered to support long- lasting indoor air quality and surface protection.

Suitable for a variety of indoor spaces up to 800 sq. ft.

We clean what you can’t see

Your home is your safe place, but it’s also home for bacteria, mold and allergens. Your kitchen may be the ultimate breeding ground for airborne and surface germs, that lurk in dish sponges, cutting boards, cabinets, knobs and handles.

Prolongs the cleanliness of surfaces

by reducing organic contaminant waste

Compact plug & play portable unit

Biodify® mists Enviro-Biotics™ into the air, to coat and penetrate surfaces such as furniture, bathroom sinks and more.

Biodify® increases the ratio of good to bad bacteria and purifies those hard to reach areas.