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Create a Healthier, Cleaner, All-Natural Indoor Environment with betterair

Betterair has invented and pioneered the use of environmental probiotics (Enviro-Biotics), which provide safe, continuous, and effective, biological cleaning of all your indoor spaces: Surfaces, Objects and Air .

The Enviro-Biotics technologies are a result of over 12 years of research and collaboration of Israeli, South Korean and the United States scientists where thousands of micro-organisms were isolated, collected, and screened. The result is a special and unique patented formula, our Enviro-Biotics, which consists of a multiple probiotic strains, where each is fully certified for efficacy and safety for people, animals and the environment.
It is 100% natural Bio-cleaner, cultured in a modern, state of the art ISO-9001 compliant laboratories.


  • The BioLogic is a ultra-low energy, quite,  compact and elegant device that cleans and protects  an area of up to 50 sqm (500 square ft)
  • Sensor based automated dispersion ensures optimal results for every type of indoors space – personal, offices, hotel rooms, automobiles and more
  • Portable and rechargeable (battery operated)
  • The device contains a replaceable 75ml (2.54 oz) of Enviro-Biotics® for 90 days of continuous operations


BioLogic refills x 2

Enviro-Biotics® significantly reduces

Bad odors
Asthma attacks
Toxic Mold spores
Dust mite allergens
Pet dander and odors
Coughing & scratchy throat
Allergic reactions & irritation
Transmission of infectious diseases

These benefits to people and their environments are possible only by thinking differently.
Now, you can be part of a revolution by stopping using technologies that continue to pollute, poison, and harm our health and the planet and using a solution that works with nature and contributes to everybody’s well-being.

Enviro-Biotics has been endorsed and registered worldwide

Institutional and private clients love betterair

"Just a quick note to say Thanks Again for such a great product! In the two months, we have had the unit in the living room, my dog Lincoln’s skin irritations are no more. I really appreciate your products and support throughout this journey and highly recommend your products."
Norman Thomas
BDM National FM, Billi Australia
"Love better air! I used two air purifiers to help my boy with his allergy problems. The problem still persists. He usually finishes off a pack of tissue with all the sneezing from early morning to mid-morning. It’s been three weeks, and the tissue usage drastically went down with better air. I have been trying different products and machines for years. Really glad I found better air."
Angeline Ong
Manilla, Philippines
"I received my Betterair purifying unit in late February/Early March, right at the start of this Covid19 Pandemic. I am loving this compact, easy-to-use system and convinced that the Biotica 800 has kept my husband and me healthy and well during this whole Pandemic by boosting our immune systems. Additionally, as a regular springtime allergy sufferer, I can honestly say my husband has never felt better with the addition of this unit in our household. I am a total believer in the benefits of product!"
Leslie Croft
West New York, NJ
"My son who is 12 years old now, was born with asthma and he is still carrying with him Ventolin pump in his pocket. When my son was young, we had to rush him to hospitals by ambulance on a few occasions due to his respiratory illnesses. I used to stay up at night listening to his breathing where I missed a breath everytime I hear him stop breathing. At times for longer than 30 seconds; very scary . Our life changed when I bought the Better-Air devices two weeks ago after a 3 nights with devices in his room, I couldn't hear him breathing and whizzing anymore , I jumped of the couch to check him and he was a sleep like a healthy baby , relaxed, breathing easily. Since, we are so much at ease. Thank you Better-Air!"
Zack Anidam
Melbourne, Australia
"I didn't expect to see a huge difference since the chronic-allergy symptoms were always and over time, but after a consecutive period of about 1 week, I can definitely attest that my allergy symptoms were far less than before. I am very grateful for this relief."
Friedrich Holzapfel
Beaufort West
"After much research, we decided upon BetterAir, an all-natural probiotic surface, and air purification system. Here are some of my member comments: • “With BetterAir, FIGHT CORPS is safer than our sterile environment down the street at the hospital.” • Wow, this place smells awesome... like, it doesn’t smell bad or funky like other gyms I’ve been in!” • Multiple members have reported a massive drop in their normally high allergy symptoms since we installed the BetterAir BA-1200s on our HVAC system. Even our staff have noticed the difference with their allergies between being home and in our facility. Without BetterAir our conversion rate would be half of what it is! I highly recommend Betterair for fitness facilities!"
Sean P.
Owner Fight Corps, Cape Coral, Florida USA
"Since installing our BETTERAIR Environmental probiotic Eco-Balancing system in the attic and within 3 hours I noticed the difference in the air feel and smell. I have since, first night, noticed that I am no longer stuffed up day and night nor do I have constant sinus drainage; thank you and your staff for all"
Roger and Stacy Wallingford
Kingsland Georgia USA
"Once operated, within 24 hours, the need of inhalation devices immediately reduced a great deal; Amazing. I am speechless"
Ishay Veled
Tel Aviv, Israel

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30 day transaction cancellation
One year warranty
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Our Products


Rechargeable, portable, quite, compact, sensor based dispersion system for optimal seamless and continuous protection of every Surface-Object-Air of indoors area up 50 square meters (500 sf). Removes allergens, pathogens and bad odor


The powerful central device of your living room/loft protecting every Surface-Object-Air within an area of 800 square feet (80 square meters) and can be used in tandem with smaller portable devices for coverage of additional peripheral areas, jointly provide 100%
protection of larges indoors space

BioLogic Mini

Your personal portable and compact guardian. Dual-mode operations of both electronic fogger and automated dispersion device for 30 square meters (300 sf) that is ideal for protection of living rooms,
offices and vehicles


The only integrated professional device, consists of high power engine providing over 600 CADR,
over a 3M HEPA multi-layers filter. Its real time particles detectors provides an adaptive filtering and automated
dispersion system. Complement Enviro-Biotics with additional removal of chemical based VOCs, gases and airborne viruses
Total protection area of 120-250 square meters

Questions & answers

betterair has not invented Probiotics. 
Probiotics, as we know them, began their journey over a century ago when they were discovered by Russian scientist and Nobel Prize winner, Elie Metchnikoff of the Pasteur Institute in Paris.  It has taken a few decades to the 1970s with Professor Tomotari Mitsuoka scientific work that paved the way for the application where intestinal flora balance enhances human health and prevention of diseases; nowadays probiotics are widely embed as food supplements in Yogurts, beverages and other type of food. At the medical level, Probiotics are injected into people guts.   

We are at the beginning of a new era where the crucial role of beneficial bacteria (Probiotics) on our health, mental moods, life longevity and prevention of infectious diseases is discovered including linkage to obesity, neurological balance and even cancer. It comes with the understanding that probiotics boost our immune system and a strong immune system cope better with all sort of illnesses.  The assumptions are slowly becoming reality as evidence by recent studies and consequent publications made by first tier research centers.

The active ingredient consists of naturally occurring (non-GMO), safe and effective Bacillus strains

This cocktail of strains was selected out of hundreds of strains, isolated from soil and plants and soil, where screening was based on their absolute safety for human and animals and efficacy against a wide range of allergens, pathogens and other harmful organisms that reside in our indoors. Additional criteria tested, was their ability to work as a collection of micro-organisms, providing a broad protection not available by each individual, creating a case where 1+1 equal more than 2. The Enviro-Biotics formula performed with significant efficacy under various conditions and topologies.

betterair’s Enviro-Biotics have undergone and passed all the requires tests in complete accordance with EPA standards at EPA certified GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) labs, and upon successful completion, has become EPA registered (94339-1, August 2021). Furthermore, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) declared Enviro-Biotics as GRAS – Generally Recognized as Safe.  In addition, US’s Made Safe, Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA), Australian’s Sensitive Choice, British AllergyUK, Italian SIMA, EU’s EcoCert, Chilean ministry of health have all certified Enviro-Biotics among others.

Betterair has receive EPA registration (94339-1, August 2021).
 In addition, US’s Made Safe, Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA), Australian’s Sensitive Choice, British AllergyUK, Italian SIMA, EU’s EcoCert, Chilean ministry of health have all certified Enviro-Biotics among others.

betterair’s patented technology repetitively and continuously releases microscopic sized Environmental Probiotics which form a protective layer of microflora on all surfaces and objects, where our probiotics agents deny pathogens (mold and bacteria) access to nutrients (food), therefore obstruct and disable pathogens growth on these surfaces and objects; In addition, and concurrently, Enviro-Biotics consumes harmful organic particles that are the source of allergies and diseases.  The result is a healthier, safer and more pleasant indoors space where bad odor disappears too

betterair is the first and only “all in one” technology that purifies all and every Surface, Object, and Air of our indoors space.   Other indoors’ purifications devices offer only air cleaning via physical filtering of airborne particles or radiation of particles by emission of UV, or even ionization of the air by releasing free radicals into the air. Radiation and emission of particles into our indoors may be unsafe and their usage is significantly limited in recent years. But, even if an effective cleaning the air is executed, the cleaning of surfaces and objects is far more important.   Remember that pathogens and allergens need food resources which exist only on surface and objects; therefore, the air is just a traveling space to reach their destination – food that exist only on surfaces and objects the center for disease control (CDC) as environmental protection agencies (EPA and others) declare that pollution on surfaces and objects is 5 times greater, on average, than the air!  
Should a need for a conventional filter to mitigate chemical pollution such as cigarette smoke and formaldehyde, our new device – the BA-2080 offers a superb HEPA technology in tandem with out Enviro-Biotics dispersion, making the BA-2080 the only r “all in one” device for filtering and purifications of all elements and pollutants of our indoors space

betterair has tested against a wide range of strains that are known to be most prevailing and harmful in the indoor environment. The use of multiple strains ensures wide range efficacy that is not possible with a single strain solution; it is impossible to test against all as there are thousands of species, but we have found a wide range of common efficacies that ensure maximum protection.

Most allergies are triggered by allergens that are abundant in our indoors such as Dust mites, Mold toxins, Pets dander and Pollen. Our devices reduces all of these, hence reduce the trigger of allergies attacks including Asthma.  Medication against allergies do not resolve the root of the problem which is the great numbers of allergens around us. For proper remedy, It is crucial to clean the areas we spend most of our time – bedrooms, offices, and even our cars, ridding off the allergens. A combination of betterair automated and portable devices should protect these areas where we spend most of the time; in additional to allergens suppression as a direct cause of allergies’ attacks, a cleaner indoors provides the required conditions for our body and immune system to heal and get stronger, and consequently cope better with attacks by allergens and infectious diseases.

The use of Bacillus spores as probiotics and bio-control agent has increased significantly in recent years. A new approach in the abatement of certain pathogenic microorganisms is the use of antagonistic microorganisms. This approach is based on the application of probiotic bacteria in human and animal intestines to create a pathogen unfriendly environment, stimulating the host’s overall health. Expansion of the probiotic concept towards the environment has designated a biocontrol, when the application is antagonistic towards a certain pathogen [1]. Recently, the ‘health’ of hospital surfaces has been re-thought as the health of the human body, considering that, rather than eradicating all pathogens, replacing them by beneficial microbes might be more effective in preventing infections [2, 3].

Betterair has conducted multiple studies in various topologies and environments that demonstrated its total efficacy against allergens, mold viruses and bacteria. A sample of “Before and After” microbial reading of the treated indoors were taken by certified laboratories. The results have measured a significant reduction. One of the larger studies has been conducted in 2018 at The Biology and Built Environment Center (BioBE). led by Dr Jessica Green. The BioBE scientists introduced pathogenic substance to their simulation chamber, where our device had worked for 4 weeks and measurement of before and after treatment were carefully taken.  Summary of BioBE study as other studies conducted in multiple locations and environments, are presented on our portal 

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Bacillus species are one of the largest sources of bioactive natural products, exhibiting a wide range of antimicrobial activities. Bacillus represent a mechanism whereby organisms can eliminate competition and colonize a space. The only natural way to prevent the pathogenic microbes threat is to continuously introduce fully safe, beneficial bacteria.

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We have defined a general average where our recommendations are for dispersal of 1ML of Enviro-Biotics covering 75 cubic meters (for ease of calculations, one can measure its area where 1ML is for 25 square meters where ceiling height is not greater than 3 meters) There are many factors such as traffic, temperature and humidity,. That influence the level of indoor contaminations and betterair addresses the desire of adjustable usage by design of our automated dispersal units that are equipped with sensors for humidity level and temperature that automatically adjust the ratio of applied Enviro-Biotics into a treated space. This has been implemented with our commercial products line.



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