The benefits of using betterair’s Enviro-Biotics to purify and de-toxify indoor environments are as numerous as the multitude of pathogens that exist within the indoor microbiome.

Here is just a sampling of these benefits:

Eliminate allergens
at the source

Your objects and surfaces are loaded with allergens – Dust mites, Mold toxins, Pet dander, and Pollen. Allergens are the trigger of allergies, including Asthma. Allergens are hauled by air circulation, directly entering our respiratory organs and landing on our skin.; Enviro-Biotics naturally and safely remove allergens at source; therefore, their existence in the air diminishes.

Boost your
immune system

BetterAir’s patented micro-burst technology releases Enviro-Biotics® (environmental probiotics) into the air to naturally purify the air in your home. Enviro-Biotics® support healthy immune function and are certified safe for people and pets.


Based on the ability of a bacillus bacteria to germinate from a state of spores to metabolically active bacteria in a short time and their unique property to efficiently break down random proteins, scientists examined the ability of Enviro-Biotics to destroy “envelope viruses,” including coronavirus and noroviruses, on surfaces and objects.

A group of scientists and expert virologists applied our Enviro-Biotics on surfaces contaminated with Covid-19 and found that the majority of viruses were destroyed within 15 minutes of application. Continued exposure for 3 hours reduced the rate of active viruses by 98%. Their analysis concluded that a regular and continuous application might present a superior option to prevent and control the ability of viruses to stay potent for r long duration on surfaces and objects.

Safe, natural, long
lasting protection

Enviro-Biotics is a natural solution of ingredients discovered in plants and soil; none is genetically manipulated nor with any toxic chemicals.
In addition, it is also sustainable and self-replicating and continuously cleans and protects your indoors space. 

Patented dispersion technologies ensure
optimal results

All devices are easily and intuitively operated; They are quite as effective, and once activated, they work for you 24/7/365.
In addition, they are extremely energy efficient, consuming a tiny fraction of energy compared to air purifiers of similar coverage.