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You are now surrounded by

Of bactreria, allergens, viruses and other harmful pathogens

Filters Can’t Clean Surfaces

Your Home Needs betterair!

Pathogens and allergens accumulate on surfaces and objects:

furniture, appliances, and practically everything we touch.

betterair’s patented Enviro-Biotics® forms a protective layer of probiotics flora on all
surfaces and objects that eliminates pollutants, pathogens, and allergens



Eliminates over 99% of bacteria and viruses on objects, surfaces and in air ducts including Covid 19.

Reduces allergies, asthma and respiratory ailments by eliminating allergens, dander and pollutants.

Restores ecological balance indoors, promoting good fauna, health and wellness

Natural Enviro-Biotics®

for a Healthier Home

We represent the cutting edge of wellness optimization by harnessing the power of natural Enviro-Biotics®.
Wherever betterair technologies are applied, indoor spaces become balanced, safe, pleasant and healthy.


People Are Saying About betterair

Advantages of Enviro-Biotics®

Why are we different?

Every purification technology declares its uniqueness.

betterair Enviro-Biotics® technology is a league of it’s own.

Cleans and purifies the air indoors

Eliminates pathogens on surfaces and objects where they grow

Reduces Viruses, Including Covid-19 on Surfaces and Objects

Automatic and continous cleaning of air ducts

The only totally organic and ntural Bio-Cleaner

Neutralizes bad odors, toxic mold spores, pet dander and dust mites

Reduces allergens that cause allergies, asthma & infectious disease


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