betterair provides ecological restoration through a unique automated system that disperses environmental probiotics (Enviro-Biotics®) into the air creating a protective layer of beneficial flora (probiotics microscopic agent). on surfaces and objects. Those agents reduce illnesses caused by allergens, mold and bacteria (pathogens) alleviating breathing disorders and allergic reactions. Our indoor spaces, where we spend most of our time, become safer and healthier.


The air that we breath indoors is impacted by airborne particles originating on surfaces and HVAC.


HVAC and indoor surfaces around us are overwhelmed with allergens and pathogens that adversely affect our health and well-being


Every object we touch, either we leave our microbes or collect others, who knows what we picked up?

Be proactive and protect your loved ones.

Contamination is all around you






The science behind betterair

We represent the cutting edge of wellness optimization by harnessing the power of natural Enviro-Biotics®. Our systems help turn your home and office into a hypoallergenic safe zone free from organic irritants.

Dramatic reduction of allergens

Elimination of bad odor generated by pathogenic bacteria, and mold activity.​

An overall decrease in harmful pathogen survival

Restoration of fresh air without harmful chemicals.​

What experts say?

The product is safe and easy to use. The encouraging results of the pilot study I conducted, where 30 patients with Allergic Rhinitis (Asthma) have been treated with Better Air for 12 weeks and improvement had been observed on 53% of the patients, justify a larger study of Better air solutions as alternative source for remedial treatment for Asthma , Allergic Rhinitis and Dust mites
Zev M. Sthoeger
Professor of internal medicine,Hebrew University head of clinical immunology & allergy The Kaplan medical center,Israel
Together with many colleagues and a substantial part of the international health care research & providers community, I feel concerned about the increase of antibiotic resistant bacteria and fungi in our environment. The rapid development and spread of antibiotic resistant microorganisms is especially alarming in nursing homes and hospitals. We are observing how “super bugs” infect and kill hundreds of thousands every year. With the immune-compromised constituting particularly a high-risk group, we frequently stand helpless when even applying next generation antibiotics without success.When Better Air introduced their technologies to me about 3 years ago, I have found their concepts and problem-solving approach highly interesting. In the laboratory, the formation of a natural inhibition zone by some Bacillus strains against a pathogen indicates some form of antimicrobial activity that may be applied for controlling of detrimental microbes in the environment and/or within a specific ecosystem. By controlled application of such a carefully elected antimicrobial agent (bacterial strain) the need for use of chemicals and antibiotics may be reduced.
Professor Wilhelm H Holzapfel
Chair professor – Handong Global university of South Korea Formerly director of the Federal Institute for Hygiene and Toxicology in Karlsruhe, Germany, and advisory Board member of the German Food and Nutrition Industry

Why are we different?

Every home purification manufacturer advertises that they are unique in some way, betterair’s Enviro-Biotics® technology is actually in a league of its own.

The report showed a reduction in infectious microbial load, furthermore, there was an improvement in employee’s well being.
Commander DR Zvi Lenkovsky,
Chief Medical officer Israel Police forces
betterair​ Air filters & UV​
Purifies the air
Penetrates objects and surfaces​
Automatic and continuous cleaning of air ducts
Depletes resources of microbial pathogens and allergens
Safely nourishes indoor air objects and surfaces
Safely diminishes discoloration and malodours associated with microbial contamination
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