Create a Healthier, Cleaner, All-Natural Indoor Environment with betterair

Betterair has invented and pioneered environmental probiotics (Enviro-Biotics), which provide safe, continuous, and practical biological cleaning of all your indoor spaces: Surfaces, Objects, and Air.

The Enviro-Biotics technologies result from over 12 years of research and collaboration of Israeli, South Korean, and United States scientists, where thousands of micro-organisms were isolated, collected and screened. The result is a special and unique patented formula, our Enviro-Biotics, which consists of multiple probiotic strains. Each is fully certified for efficacy and safety for people, animals, and the environment.
It is a 100% natural Bio-cleaner, cultured in modern, state-of-the-art ISO-9001 compliant laboratories.

betterair concept 

How does it work?

“Our devices disperse tiny particles which encapsulate beneficial probiotics.  Upon landing on surfaces and objects, it immediately goes to work, consuming dirt, pollutants, allergens, and other organic substances. The cleaned surfaces and objects are detrimental to harmful organism (pathogens)  growth as they deny nutrients (food), resulting in their substantial decrease and eventual disappearance. “

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Enviro-Biotics has been endorsed and registered worldwide

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From vision to reality

“Works with nature, not against it”

Since  2013, a joint development executed in Israel, South Korea, and the United States has pioneered affordable, natural, safer, and effective technologies that increase health and wellness, decrease the use of harmful chemicals, and foster healthy indoor spaces and efficiencies of healthier Agriculture and Farming.  

Enviro-Biotics® significantly reduces:

Bad odors

Asthma attacks

Toxic Mold spores

Dust mite allergens

Pet dander and odors

Coughing & scratchy throat

Allergic reactions & irritation

Transmission of infectious diseases

Natural Enviro-Biotics®

for a Healthier Home

We represent the cutting edge of wellness optimization by harnessing the power of natural Enviro-Biotics®.
Wherever betterair technologies are applied, indoor spaces become balanced, safe, pleasant and healthy.

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Let Nature Back to your Indoors Space

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